002 - W. David Woods - Second PageDavid Woods took a childhood fascination with the Apollo programme and turned it into a lifelong passion. He tells stories of the science, engineering and inspired courage and ingenuity that took humans to the Moon nearly half a century ago.

He curates and edits the Apollo Flight Journal, a website at NASA which, along with the renowned Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, is seen as a canonical resource for anyone wishing to study the missions in great detail. He was presented with a Special Service Award by NASA for making their history books available online and he has since written a number of books on the topic, including the highly regarded ‘How Apollo Flew to the Moon’. This weaves technical descriptions of the Apollo flights into a narrative that follows a composite mission from launch to splashdown. He also co-wrote two Haynes manuals, one on the Lunar Rover and another on the Gemini spacecraft, and is writing a third on the iconic Saturn V Moon rocket.

He has acted as a consultant on Apollo for BBC TV and Radio.003 - W. David Woods - Second Page

David has delivered many talks on a range of subjects about the Apollo programme where his passion and knowledge make for an extremely authoritative and captivating presentation that can suit any type of audience.